I would like to say that I’m this woman who has traveled the world and learned all of the secrets to unlock all of our deepest questions about life…well, that’s not me.  A lot of what I have learned  about life, has come from a combination of life experiences, personal screw ups and the most important lessons in live I just learned within the last 2 years through my children.
My Husband:  My husband, Kevin and I have  almost a “meant to be” kinda story of how we ended up together.  He things no one wants to hear it because it’s too mushy, but actually it’s quite the opposite. Kevin is my  shoulder to cry on , my therapist, my personal chef (when I’m too tired to cook), and just one of the funniest guys I know.  The best part about it is that not only does he put up with my sarcasm and smart remarks, but he doesn’t mind that I finish off his drinks when he gets up and leaves the cup in the same room with me.  I guess I’m just that lucky!

My Kids:  I have two beautiful boys.  All the grandparents are wondering when the girl is coming..  (yeah I don’t have an answer for that yet).  If you ask my mother, she would tell you that I for one was not having children at all…ever.  Now that I think of it, she still         reminds me of that little tidbit from time to time. My two boys are the absolute best blessing (next to my husband-it took two of us to make them) that God has entrusted me with, and my goal is to do the absolute best job that I can.  I love my little munchkins for they are my true teachers in every aspect of life.

Everyday Life:  Like all mothers, my life is hectic, especially when there are two little children 10 months apart.  I do find the joys in my everyday life; whether I get  everything accomplished on my to do a list for the day, helping a friend find the positive notes that are hidden within a horrible day, or just spending good quality time with my hubby and kids enjoying a good laugh.  It’s important to cherish these moments as they are full of joy in its purest form.

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